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Creative wedding photography in dehradun by maadhyam

Welcome to the world of Creative Photography

Photography is an art, a culture, a passion and a profession. It is also something more than that. For photography, one requires an insight, an intuition an instict and any eye for details. It does not come through reading books or just education. It is a process of development of potential in an individual. It is cultivation of experience & practice in the fields for endless hours.

TEAM MAADHYAM is just that. We believe in what we do. We understand what client needs, develop idea to cater to that particular need. We have well qualified team of professionals working for us, who think with open mind. Our service is a building lifetime relationship, relationship that is sensitive and touchy.

Perfection cannot be improved, but at Maadhyam our primary aim is to give something more than that.

MAADHYAM Photography is a group of professional based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, devoted fully to Camera, Lenses and Photographic techniques. A team of well qualified and highly self-motivated personals continuously striving to improve skills in the Art and Science of photography, to serve our client’s interest to the maximum. For us photography is a religion, a passion by heart and an opportunity to learn the different aspect of nature and mankind.

Be it wedding photograpy, kids photography or an event photography, for us every genery of photography is an art and we leave no stone unturned to make this art virtually BEAUTIFUL.

Although we are operating from Dehradun, Uttarakhand but have absolutly no objection in doing projects anywhere in India. Infact we successfully completed wedding photography projects in many parts of India.

We specialize in areas such as

  • Event Photography & Videography Coverage
  • Location Photography
  • Wedding Portfolio , Wedding Photography and Videography and Pre Wedding Photography
  • Kids Photography, Fashion photography, Wildlife photography
  • Presentation Videos
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Media advertising
  • Designing of Prospectus and yearbook for Schools and Colleges

With our well-equipped suites, we have the ability to adapt our facilities to meet the demands of today's most challenging photography projects. Unlike any other traditional wedding photographer our approach to wedding photography, event photography or kids photography is very different. By integrating every aspect of a project under one roof, we can take you from concept to completion quicker, easier, and better than ever before.

Each step of production is done in-house to ensure confidentiality and priority for all clients.

Besides we have competent visualizers, artists, and computer graphic designers and technicians managing a fully computerized and well-equipped art studio, digital output unit, and print shop services.

In pursuit of excellence we are committed to:

Customer Satisfaction: Appraising the needs of customers and innovating new ides to fulfill them.

Business innovation: Keeping in mind the long term and short term objectives for our clients and to make them achieve.

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